Category: Marantz

CD85 Repair

CD 85 Problems with disc loading Stuck buttons Bad respons of buttons front panel   Some buttons would not work sticky stuf….Coffee..?!     Oeps < “Previous” would not work nicely 🙂 Tray_in Switch...

Marantz DA 12

Marantz DA 12 , start with 30 distorted audio and then quits   It’s modded by Siltech some extra capacitors   Capicitors have been replaced   NE5534 replaced by AD774jn     Black dirt...

CD80 Repair

Repair Marantz CD80 Bad switches Headphone 1 channel not working   backside front Lots of bad tactile switches some over 200 Ohms when pressed Replaced all switches and 3 bleu axial caps, 47 µf...

Marantz CD 63

Some corners missing on PCB More PCB missing Laser power doorswitch connectors missing Small problem found Broken trace to Resistor 3554 Problem solved and testing

Marantz CDR 1

Marantz CDR 1   Missing a gear on loading tray It reads  and plays CD’s Philips novatronics ? Places a new tray gear , and succes 🙂  : Movie