SONY CDP 101 STK 6299 Replacement

Just thought I’d drop you an email to say thankyou again
Using the diagrams and links I was able to determine that my new circuit wasn’t receiving a 12v supply to pin 1 , this was due to my poor soldering , the pin wasn’t far enough in to get a good contact , not long after (using a christmas cd , not got many left now) I have a fully working Sony CDP 101 again.
You and your circuit boards and information have been brilliant

August 2021

“Hi Bram! , I’ve received the PCB for the STK6922. , Simply OUTSTANDING. It work at the first try. 
Thank you so much 😀 ! , Do you have paypal or something? I want to offer you a coffee!
You saved my CDP-101 and is soooo stable with cd reading!”


If you want to make your one replacement boards have fun  , no warranty 😉

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Gerberfile –  STK 6922 replacement – Sony-cdp101 



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