CD Player as a DAC

I designed a small SAA7220 adapter board,  it adds a coax digital input on a SAA7220 Chipset CD-player, so it can used as a DAC when the cd player is not playing . When the CD player is started the spdif input is switch off and the cd player is working as normal.The spdif interface is based on a WM8804. and can be used at  32 , 44.1 and 48 kHz.

Idea started on

A small Demo using Raspberry PI with Moodeaudio  – demo_cd_dac

Proof of Concept.

Design a prototype  circuitboard…





Some Measurements Digital input








  • Digital input in CD 650

  • Digital input in CD 472


  • En CD 471

In a CD 670

Just enough room

  • In a CD 880 photo by Paolo


  • Here in a Cambridge CD 3


Nieuwe Versie ietsje smaller


CD as a DAC in Marantz CD85 , with NOS switch


  • In a Marantz CD85


Here in a CD94  , with little modification 

New production run

Tested TCXO vs X-tal CD as a DAC board…


CD as DAC in a Grundig CD 8200 , and customer added USB to SP/dif input

In Naim CD 3