CD 202 project

New Project , Lets make a CD 202, from these CD 200 & CD 202 parts  🙂 , I started with a  Dead CD 202 that needed a little TLC

Some incomplete Servo and Decoder PCB’s

The Front panel,  we need

  • tactile switches
  • Capicitors
  • A New Display

A new LED without scratch

Made a new NSM4202 display , tweaking some resistors , the SMD segments are very bright

Rebuilding the powersupply

cleaning the decoderboard and replace the blue caps



Rewiring the transformer to 240 volts and build power supply in frame

really nice and clear eye pattern after recaping and resoldering and cleaning  all circuits boards


We need to replace some foam behind the keys

brushed the aluminium buttons

Look betters

Refoaming 🙂

Found some bulblights

More rebuilding and testing lights




Replaced Lid hook




Looking for some screws


more testing



Cleaned the top plate

Oeps 🙁 , made a mistake some weird servo and idle tones could be heared in audio 🙁