Dead CD 202

A really dead CD 202

After checking the power supply and internal wiring , nothing is happening , i check the clock signal of the processors , nothing there 🙁

the MAB8440p D011 is faulty



After replacing the D011 processor ,There reedrelais where making some weird noises…the processor restart in a loop.I checked the 5 volt and there is a ripple of 1 volt !

Found a broken Diode..?!




And some bad caps


The SAA7011 (M4290A) is also broken,  it makes a short in +12 volt line


After repairing the 5 volt the player comes alive

It starts the motor but it will not read the Table Of Content (TOC)  and stop the motor the – movie CD202_start_working

MCES signal on pin 26 but missing on pin 13 PLL 4046



After replacement of the CD4046 PLL ic there is a MCES signal that controls the spindle motor

Now it is reading the Table Of Content  🙂

Nice stable eye-pattern , must clean the lens

Still no Audio

Missing a DEFM on pin 28 off the CX7933 demodulator , it is doing the audio decoding



Also missing on the SAA7010


Oeps my mistake , i replaced the M4290A (SAA7011) by a SAA7010 (M4293)

There is  now signal at pin 28 of the CX7933 from  Pin 11 of the SAA7011 (M4290A) ,

Digital  representation of the E.F.M. signal

O.M.G. ,what is this , broken traces..?!

but no sign of data outputs on pin  26/16/15/3 ect ect , Changed CX7933 and CX7935 no effect

After replacing the whole SoPhi board  ,there  is a signal on DAPS to the glue-logics

The glue-logics  make two parallelstreams of data  and a stopped clock signal to the SAA7020

if have now signal to the SAA7030 and from the SAA7030 to the TDA1540 , but still no sound, there is a offset of 10 volt on the NE5532 i/v converter output , after swapping the NE5532 still no audio. Finally after replacing the TDA1540D there was AUDIO.!!

Movie –> CD202 working again

Lets make a nice –>   CD 202

Please have a look at Replace SAA7011 with SAA7010 in 1st generation player in some service manuals there is a SAA7010 instead of SAA7011