Replace SAA7011 with SAA7010 in 1st generation player with SoPhi board

Replace SAA7011 (M4290) with SAA7010(4293)   in 1st generation player with SoPhi board

From the Service manual the correct SAA7011 diagram


Wrong IC number in several service manuals  , a SAA7010 instead of  a SAA7011. Pin 11 in not an output on SAA7010



From early “Tentative Device Specification M4290A”

See correction SAA7010/11 🙂 


Pin 11 DEFM to goes to the “SoPhi” ( sony philips) board


Block Diagram SAA7011 (M4290a)

  • Pin 11 – DEFM
  • Pin 27 – DADE


The SAA7010 – M4293

Pin 11 on a SAA7010 is  now a Input (_CRI) and  not an output SAA7011 ( DEFM )

Pin 11

Pin 27 DADE or DEFM  controlled by PIN 11

Pin 10 that’s Nice 🙂

Block Diagram SAA7010 (M4293)

  • pin 11 in now input _CRI
  • Pin 27 DADE/DEFM

How to

Remove the wire between 93-94, close solder jumper pin 27 ( add some solder )

There is a second Solder jumper (orange)  and place for extra components (Green) , have to find out if they are needed . I think reset on power up.

Proof of Concept CD202_SAA7010

  • Datasheet M4290_A  ( SAA7011)
  • Datasheet M4293      ( SAA7010)


Added 1µf and 10k Reset_on_Powerup 🙂