CD 880 Repair

CD 880

  • trouble reading CD’s
  • Open close button
  • All buttons are bad
  • change power en play leds to Turquoise one’s

Lots of dust

After some brushing

Loose capacitor  ?

Missing Leg capacitor

There it is



Blue color leds


Warm spots on PCB

Broken , dry solder joints , 78xx/79xx

Some more

And more , diode’s

And more

Loose wire on fuse holder


Shaking CDM1 Mk2 CD880-Shake

What is this a  around the spindel

A hair..

Quick test after Repairing powersupply  and CDM 1 mk 2 nice stable eye-pattern

Test with playability test CD , playing test-defects



Remove old tactile switches

Removed Display


replacing Bad caps and switches

RGB led will be replaced by turquoise led

As new 🙂


Testing new switches

More Leds



Nice clean eye-pattern when play CD with no defects

Mainboard ,

47 µf

100 µf


Test run

More cleaning


Het “beestje” staat weer op z’n vertrouwde plek, alles doet weer wat het moet doen en zonder bijgeluiden. Ik ben een blij mens! Bram, hardstikke bedankt!