CDD 882 CDM 2 ? Repair and Refurbished

A CDD 882 with CDM 2 , What has happend here …???

Display Problems


CDM 2-29 build in

Some Capicitors have been replaced



If we want to build in a CDM-1 Mk2 we have to find the missing plastic frame that holds the servo board

Found a replacement frame via the forum on 🙂



Some cold joints on FTD-Kill board

the capicitor have been replaced and cold soldered

Found a crack in PCB , the CD player would not read the TOC when it arrived here.

Ground trace broken


Lets start

Repaired the broken GND trace to some more testing

Lightbulbs have also been replaced before

Some old caps and tactile switches

rebuilding a CDM 1 mk2   🙂 , and testing in my test CD160

The CDM 2/29 Lage loading ,,”lage lader” or “low loading” ?!

Unmount the CDM 2/29

The CDM 1 Mk2 inlace

Adding Frame to hold servo circuitboard

Circuitboard on Frame

Found some more cracks

Eye-pattern of dirty and scratchy disc

old and dry lubrication

Cleaning and replacing beads


Testing 1,2,3

Hoi Bram, Het speelt heerlijk. Alles werkt perfect!