Hall Motor- faulty

Measuring current R-3093 / r-3094 on working CDM-2

Faulty Hall-motor in CD 880,  voltage measured on emitters 6082/6083 and 6094/6095, missing 1 motor-coil

After replacing the broken LM324 , 2 motor coils working



Impact off potmeter 1001 on the hall-sensors S1 &  S2

Problem returned 🙁

Plastic or corrosion on hall-sensor.?


Black legs , hall-sensor

replaced hall sensor with the Toshiba THS103a hall sensor


Reading TOC and start Track 1 , scope in roll mode.

Signal on the emitters

Tested equivalent  AKM HG-302

Working fine


Moved 10K pot 🙂 , for so measurements, in test player

Potmeter at 10K , slow start, measured on emitters 6082/6083 and 6094/6095

Potmeter at 5K , factory set.

Potmeter at 0K , fast start