CD 100 Repair

If i could take a look at this CD 100 , It has been repaired twice before to try to solve the problem , it was recapped and several IC where directly solder on the circuitboards ,

  • Won’t always start when play button is pressed
  • Very bad TOC reading
  • When it’s playing  there is lots of skiping

I found a wrong value 47µf instead of a 33µf


This nut was lose

The playbutton switch had resistance off around 100 Ohm. After replacing switch button

Also for me a unknown metal sheet on top of CDM-1 ..Never seen before

The main problem was a faulty LM324 in the track detector. it was oscillating




“Hij staat weer goed werkend op zijn plaats, met dank aan Bram”

2022-06-14 – After 6 months , the player is back with the same problem..:-(

650 Hz triable wave on point 20

Replaced , 6n8 caps

After replacing 6n8 the players is working fine again..