CD 100 broken

If i could take a look at a CD100 , some information from the owner

“I bought a Philips CD100 a while ago via marktplaats. The previous owner replaced the elko’s but unfortunately had to stop further research due to illness. I tried the player but it does strange things. The CD starts spinning immediately when you switch it on without there being a CD in the player and does not stop until the power supply is switched off. And the player doesn’t read CDs. No sound on the outputs and the display does strange things and I hear a loud beep in the player. Don’t really dare to put the player on anymore I have already converted the power transformer to 230/240. Unfortunately, that’s where the knowledge I have ends for me. ”







Aha, pin 2 & 3 of LM317 short circuit,  thats why we have 10 Volt instead of 5 Volt





After removing the short between pin 2 & 3 , the 5 Volt is 5 Volt,


Placed back the  MAB processors and i’m really glad the MAB processors are still working., small problem there is no Audio…

Playing but no Audio, After Replacing SAA7020 and  RAM there is  audio , ERCO en Ram could not handle the 10 Volts



CD 100 – “Speelt top en staat mooi naast zijn latere broer. Nogmaals bedankt voor de snelle service”