CD 880 serious ill

“Hi can you have a look at my CD 880 i have a ready recapped and resoldered the player and it’s not working , i measure -16 instead of -10 ”

This CD 880  is purchased broken , the first thing that has been done is a full recap by the owner , and only the power light right will light up.

Some high-end absorbers , and where a there copper screws..?!

Quick look inside

New cinch busses

double isolated

A ferrite core

Replaced resitor, ic-socket is missing black top.

Axial capicitor have been replaced by Radial on the other side off the PCB..

A jumper wire

I think i miss a resitor.

Missing the 1k2



Found it…its on the bottom side , hidden under the frame



Replaced the LM7908 , now we have the correct -10 volt.

Creative work on heatsink

After fixing the power supply , there is some live on the Main PCB , processor is running , but stil not light on the main display. So i removed the Front pcb from the panel.

There is a 4,7 Ohm resitor broken , after replacing the resitor , there is no oscillator working on the display CPU…:-(


I’m going to try to find a replacement

New IC’s will they work ?

Replaced the Processor


After replacing Masker rom CPU, there is a clock signal, but display is still not working. Tested Frontpanel on working CDD 882  but display won’t work.The chips are fake or VF_Display is faulty

Tested the new Processors in a working CDD 882 Front  and new ones work …

Broken Frame


There have been some soldering or reflowing asiel

Some strange discolouration on CPU…


More testing on VF-display, the replacement processors is working but sill no display.


  • Yellow = data in
  • purple = Data out
  • Green = filament


Filament glowing

you can barely see some digits glowing …

I have placed the VF-display in a working CDD 882 and the display is not working, it is really broken…

wanted “Futaba 9-BT-29GK”  4822 130 90496 philips

if you have a spare let me know 🙂