CD 100 Still no audio after recap

“Hi could you please take a look at my CD 100 if have recapped the player but there is still no audio”



Check Clock data and latch go to the TDA1540

When te player is not playing

mmm different NE5532’s  why..?!

A 10K resitor  ?


Oeps   , found some lost screws  !


Some IC have new IC-sockets

TDA1540 ic-sockets have been removed..,M4550 ( SAA7030) has a new socket , M4300 (saa7000) is missing a socket.

Funny bit 10 (red)  is high when player is in stop..?!


The -18 volt was missing on the TDA1540. A faulty diode was the problem


After fixing the -18volt there is audio but only on 1 channel..?

Found the problem broken wire

Some high-end Coax like cable.

I also noticed, when the player is switched on it take a long the before the kill-relais swithes on.


There is a big 120µf instead of a 1µf capicitor, more is beter 🙂



Still problems , when i wiggle the board audio drops and the kill reed-relais go wild….a cold solder joint on the yellow wire cause the problem.