CD 100 Repair

This CD 100 has been to a repairshop and was declared dead , they think the laser is not working, and they did nothing to it  😉

It had a little paint job..

It’s is a early demonstration model and bought at philips personalshop

Aha , capicitors have been replaced already.

What happend here all ic sockets have been removed and why is 1 tda1540-D replaced by a TDA1540-P..?

Lots of soldering


I found a other working CDM-0 and placed it in the CD100 and its working fine .

The CD 100 with a B&O Setup

Bram, Klasse speelt als een tierelier. 

Nogmaals klasse hoe cd 100 is gerepareerd. Zelf gebrande cd’s kan ik nu afspelen en ook cd’s met meer dan 15 nummers.